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Our Team

We build custom professional racing simulators. We also offer innovative training system all racing drivers whose aim is to learn how to track and improve their riding skills using the best functional simulation technology. We also offer lease simulator for corporate events, team building, events, exhibitions and presentations.

Our company Motorsport Simulator has been established to create simulators for professional race drivers and teams but also for amateur race drivers who can use our simulator to lower the costs of training on real world tracks. Simulators are also available for individuals and fans of sim racing who want to achieve the most realistic experience of being a race driver.

We ourselves as fans of motorsports and racing especialy have been into sim racing for more than a decade. As individuals or part of team we received many awards not only in Czech leagues but also in international leagues and championships. So we decided to use all our skills and know-how to create a professional simulator. Our aim is to achieve the most realistic experience that is comparable with a real racing car. Each of the components of our simulator have been tested and comply with our high standards. We are ready to build a simulator according to your specification and desires.

We also provide innovative system for training of race drivers, which aims at improvement in memorizing of each track and also driving skills, with the most advanced simulator technology. If you are insterested in renting our simulator for any of your company events, team buildings, events, expos or presentations, we’re ready for that to.


1) Build with you, racers
Our simulators are designed and built in close cooperation with race drivers, you, and we do our best to satisfy your demands.

2) Own development and production
All key processes in development of our simulators are done internally for the best possible control over design, construction, paiting and components assembly.

3) Performance oriented design
Sensitive and precise control, robustness, comfort, sophisticated technical manufacturing and design. These are the qualities that we consider crucial on our simulators.

4) Tested by race drivers
Our simulators start as prototypes, which are than tested by professional race drivers. Each of the simulators is monitored through the whole test. After testing we analyze all collected data and if they are in compliance with our standards than we start production.


Sofisticated construction processes and quality control are necessary for production of high-end simulators. To have full control of production we decided to have all the key processes done at our central in Kraslice. In last few years we invested lot of time into new technologies a construction know-how. Paint of construction, assembly of components, everything is done with highest quality on mind, only a few of sim manufacturers in the world achieve this level of quality.

But no matter how good technology you have, technology itself doesnt always ensure high quality. Therefore, we have set strict manufacturing and installation standards. Before each simulator goes to its new owner, we inspect every aspect of the device to make sure its ready for you.

Our company Motorsport Simulator always provides professional simulators that meet the most demanding functional and quality requirements.