We offer renting of professional motion simulator for presentation events, exhibitions, car saloons, company parties, etc.

On our professional motion simulator eveyrone can experience what they have experienced only from tribune on one of the famous tracks or from couch in theyre living room. We provide you with realistic experience of a race driver where you will be able to safely test your skills on your favorite track or in your favorite car. Our database contains more than 300 cars and tracks from all over the world. All cars provide perfect simulation with advanced setting available, like in a real car, including recommended setups (in cooperation with top czech and international teams). This all on tracks including Autodrom Most, Brno, Slovakia Ring a many othes in abroad Monza, Monaco, SPA Franchorchamps, Silverstone, etc. For professionals we offer evaluating of telemetry which is indispensable for racing teams. We can provide you real time comparison with competitors.

Simulator is integrated into specialy made trailer but it is possible to place the simulator according to your request. Simulator can be rented only for the whole day 8-10 hours of runtime. Price includes instalation of simulator at requested location, operation of simulator by two employees who take care of visitors. Ofcourse best time races for customers are also possible.

For operation of the simulator a space of size 3x4m is required together with sturdy floor and electrica plug (220V / 16A).

For company rent we will prepare an offer according to your specific requirements. Please provides us with following information:

  • Date of renting and length of renting in days.
  • If interested in placing your logo on simulator, car or track.
  • Location of event.

Send us requestby using mail or use our contact form, or give us a call
phone +420 723 382 326 or +420 777 027 864.