• Unparalleled Motion Quality & Realism
• Simulates Rear Traction Loss and Rear Wheel Hop (key component of race driver training programs)!!
• Excellent road surface perception via 250 motion updates per second
• Inline Dampeners make motion more fluid and less digitized
• Realtime customizable motion profiles can be custom tuned to represent any vehicle with ease!
• Simulates vehicle weight transfer in addition to road texture and G-Forces
• Modular Design
• Structural rigidity
• Powder coated finish
• Industrial Grade Construction Suitable for Racing Centers and Frequent Use Scenarios
• Simple as a single button click to get started
• Professional stand is made for three LCD's SIZE 48"-55"

Motion principles

By using number of different techniques Motorsport Simulator can emulate faithfully the feeling of being in a race car. Primarily the simulator tries to influence your inner ear (the sense of balance) in order to create an impression of movement. In combination with subtle vibrations and your body weight it also simulates appropriate pressure on your arms and legs. Finally it combines the pressures caused by the body weight and the influence on the centre of balance with kinesthesia (skeletal and muscle pressure manipulation).

Our simulators are designed in order to interconnect and to optimize the principles of kinesthesia and proprioception. This concept is often applied in advanced Olympic training programmes.

The fact is that no simulator is able to provide the action of all forces, such as twisting, etc. like an actual vehicle. Therefore a simulator has to trick the brain into perceiving these apparent effects plausibly. We achieve this with the three concepts described above, emphasizing the musle pressures.

The key for creating the appropriate muscle tension lies in the fact that we choose not to move the steering wheel and pedals, but only the rider. For example in the process of braking you can see that there are the same forces acting upon your wrists and forearms as in an actual vehicle. Simulators that attempt to move the entire cockpit (the steering wheel included) could only create these pressures if they were able to create the exact same G-Forces as the real vehicle and sustain them. Simple vibrating seat simulators can create neither the muscle pressures nor manipulate your sense of balance.

Our unique combination of these techniques results in one of the most advanced and immersive simulations available in all range of prices. However, it’s not enough to simply create this immersion. The human brain will continually attempt to break the immersion by attempting to identify movements that are not compatible with real world movements or that were unexpected. We do our best to ensure that each motion profile created meets a strict criteria that focuses on the reduction of these “negative motion cues”. However, not everyone will be immersed the same way and some tweaks in motion profiles may be required to achieve near perfect immersion for a particular individual. The Motorsport Simulator is based on industry leading, intelligible, parallel tasking motion engine software. This software offers unbeatable ease of use, excellent performance and credible individual adjustments.

Steering Wheel

Professional racing simulation steering system. When combined with todays best racing simulation games, this steering wheel is going to get you as close as possible to feel like driving the real thing. The key to it's incredible realism is the groundbreaking direct drive motor control system. Integrated motor controller allows to provide lower latency, better response and more accurate detail reproduction. Combined with a motor that's specifically designed for racing simulation, the steering wheel system provides the best possible balance of torque, response and most importantly, fidelity and linearity.

• Powerful, Low Inertia Motor supports up to 13Nm of sustained torque depending on the user selected mode.

• Torque peaks are removed by default to ensure a truly 1:1 linear experience (option to enable peaks is provided).

• Robust tuning capability via included software.

• Motor updated 50,000 times per second / Realtime encoder processing.

• Three force feedback (FFB) options: traditional raw game FFB, SimXperience / user optimized game FFB and completely user definable FFB.

• 4500 degrees of rotation, configured for 900 degrees by default. User may opt to alter this setting in real-time.

• Engineered for many years of reliable service in commercial environments. (Critical parts are stress tested for 300lb / 136kg loads).


These pedals were made for sim racing. Completely adjustable with the capability to simulate pedal forces as experienced in F1 and LPM cars. All parts of the body were made using CNC precision laser and cut from the finest stainless steel.

Pedals are build to resist, stiff, durable yet compact. Throttle and clutch position and break pressure are measured by load cells. To ensure that each pedal responds instantly and accurately.

Other components

Sequential shifter

The right gear at the right time means the best time on the track! A good sequential shifter is a true necessity in any professional simulator.

Pro Sequential offers a heavy through with a solid, “notch” action and is built to ensure millions of a perfect shifts at the right time - every time.


The Evo competition seat has the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Sparco and the Evo seat line.

The Evo was designed and developed with extensive input from some of the most prestigious DTM and ITC championship drivers. Evolved from the Rev seat, the Evo features removable cushions to customize the back rest, height of the leg rest and cushion padding. The cushion colors can also be customized in various colors.


Sparco’s full line of harnesses works in unity with our competition seats. Crafted from high-quality fabric and fitted with durable fasteners, each harness restrains the body for added safety and protection.

The 6-point harness features 3-inch lap and shoulder straps that attach in the center using an aircraft-quality quick-release buckle with integrated anti-submarine belts. The lightweight aluminum adjusters allow for smooth, quick adjustments and perfect clamping. Each belt attaches to the frame using snap-on fixings.

High-end computer

Extremely powerfull computer build by using high performance components packed up in a luxury case. Thanks to the performance of graphic card and a 6-core CPU, this computer can handle all simulations on high details. This performance tuned piece of hardware is goin to open you the gate into the world of neverending joy.

Six core CPU is powerfull enough in its base configuration, yet when there's demand each of the core can be overclocked up to 4.6 GHz. To achieve effective and silent cooling, we added water cooling system.

Graphics of modern games is still getting closer to reality and you can enjoy it thanks to nVidia GeForce GTX graphic card which perfectly utilizes all three displays and can run even three displays with 4K resolution. Truly breathtaking experience. We also added 16GB of DDR4 RAM so there isn't anything that our computer wouldn't handle.

Exclusive case, which was designed to maximise efficiency of cooling. Beautiful futuristic design is supplemented by color backlit.

3x 48¨-55¨ Full HD LED LCD

To ensure highest quality of picture, all our displays have to pass number of tests. The most important for us is to provide only LCD’s with lowest response (lowest input lag).