Simulator features

Build Quality

Premium build quality

All our simulator are build by using modern technologies. Construction is powder coated to maximize its durability, long life and shiny surface.

Traction Simulation

Rear wheel traction loss and hop

Motorsport Simulator is the only simulator which precisely simulates rear wheel traction loss. It allows you to feel the car beneath you.

Steering Wheel

Professional high-end components

Professional steering wheel, pedals, shifter and even controling components were carefully selected and tested to match the needs of professional race drivers. All controled by powerful PC, picture provided by 3x LCD TVs up to size of 55". To experience the power of the sound we added 500W 5.1 surround system.

Sequential Shifter

Simple to use

Simple for home use yet powerful enough for professionals. Movement controling software is realy simple to use and at the same time provides wide variety of setting for motion simulators. So if you need fine tuning, go ahead.

Realistic Experience

Unbelievably realistic experience

Being able to provide 250 motion updates per second, simulator will make you feel every road surface imperfection and provide unbelievably realistic experience of car gravity center movement.

Customer Support

Perfect for training

From amateur to professional race drivers, simulator offers wide scale of options for training, including laser scanned tracks and advanced analytical tools.

Take look under the hood


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    Awesome experience and useful training.
    Thanks to whole Motorsport Simulator team for friendly and professional attitude.
    Looking forward for another cooperation.
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