For public

We also offer rides for the public. Now you can finaly get a taste of whats it's like to drive a race car and become and how does it feel to be a race driver. First we explain you the thoery and than you are ready to go.

Motorsport Simulator is a full motion racing simulator also 3DOF. Our simulator is equiped with unique system for simulation of rear traction loss and wheel hop. This allows you to feel engine thrust, breaking force, changing gears, curves, curbes, imperfections of aspahlt, grass even wheelspin. With three large Full HD LED LCDs the experience becomes even more realistic because no matter where you look, you car is there. But what would be professional simulator without professional controlers? We equipped our simulator with professional steering wheel with adjustable force feedback, flawless pedals and finely tuned sequential gearshift. And we didn't forget about the sound, our simulator uses 500W 5.1 sound system.

It's up to you which car and track you choose. We can provide all the famous circuits and cars. During your driving there will be an instructor available for you, so don't worry that you wont be able to handle the racing car. Our simulator can be used even by absolute beginner even people that don't drive at all. We can switch on/off all the assistants and supports for driving. According to your skills we can than start to turn off some of the assistatns till you can drive without them. Your track performance can be than compared with real race drivers or other customers.

For public we offer gift vouchers for 60, 120 and 180 minutes.

Send us request by using mail or use our contact form, or give us a call +420 777 339 678 or +420 777 027 864.