For race drivers

Our training program is focused not only for rookies, but also for the more advanced drivers and racing teams.

All offered training courses are realized on our simulators, which are uniquely close to the reality. Our team of software, hardware and electro engineers created one of the most advanced simulations in high resolution, which is offered in any price level.

Rookie training

This camp will help you learn and discover basic driving skills needed for further improvement of these skills. This part of the program focuses on specific elements, tricks and skills for young drivers and their teams, who want a smooth transition from kart racing to big races. At this phase we focus on finding fastest track line, identifying correct braking points, gentle overtaking, balanced psyche during the race, aggression, and everything that is needed in race to defend and attack.

Drivers improvement

Knowing how to use horsepower of your car on the track during race, can make all the difference between glory on the podium, or hard and long hours in garage making repairs after an unsuccessful race. Successful communication with the team about the car's behavior and its understanding in different situations is one of many aspects that you learn to master using our training camp.

All these benefits give you a competitive edge and move you closer to a dream victory. Motorsport Simulator training camp can give you an important advantage throughout racing season. Endless racing maneuvers, one on one fights, or against many opponents in variable conditions. This is the priceless help for refining pilots reactions and decisions in the moment, which you can't simulate in a realistic environment.

On the simulator you have hundreds of rounds for training according to your training plan, where you will develop your skills and strategies to maximize drivers strengths, while eliminating errors and bad habits. This training camp will give the pilot confidence on the track and skill to handle lot of situations for granted, like automatic, déjà vu. The feeling o déjà vu can strengthen the confidence, reduce stress levels and increase the attention, allowing the driver to be faster and safer on the limit of the performance and technology.

Advanced training

For advanced pilots we have a top simulator program which aims on working with various tasks to maintain concentration in the racing mode, saving race technique and equipment in good condition throughout the whole race, achieving top times, etc.

These tasks are dealt with our team and tailored precisely for the purpose of improving pilots experience. This allows to move advanced race drivers to the next level while maintaining proper racing pace in various weather conditions, including the race strategy. All these aspects support a better overview of what is happening around, the pilot sees more and can anticipate crises and minimize risks. All this off-season, or in the middle of racing weekend as well.

The training camp is an excellent tool needed to keep and improve the competitive advantage in your racing season.

Car configuration

Do you want to learn more about the set-up and fine tuning of your race car? Do you want to improve communication inside the team? We'll teach you to understand the impact of each car set-up change. Thanks to our simulator you can realy feel behavior changes of the car and we force you to comunicate with team engineers.

Next step is improving youre driving technique with usage of telemetry data. Our training program includes specialized training as professional racing teams do. This great feature analyze the driving performance and car behavior, lap after lap. An important part of the training session is the video playback and summary. We show the best breaking points and driving lines, considering the car-setup. Thist will lead to improvement of drivers efficiency and speed. We design the education program for each driver separately, with respect to drivers skills, needs and wishes.

Technique changing program

Bought new racing equipment, need to change your racing style? Need to test sequential or manual gearbox practicaly? Change front drive to rear drive? We can simulate all different types of conditions precisely so that you get all these questions answered and to find out if you are going the right way. This program allows you to try and test not just these situations and techniques, but it also leads to skills improvement and becoming faster.

With unlimited access to more than 350 circuits from all over the world and more than 200 types of racing cars based on real data, telemetry and physics, we can analyze your performance, optimize it and practice various crisis situations over and over again until they become an automatic part of your driving skills and it becomes natural.

Team-owner program

For racing team owners our simulator can be one of the most valuable tool. It allows to test drivers skills and limits, and can also help to improve them. With our simulator you are able to extend skills of race drivers, engineers and crew chiefs and use them effectively on track while lowering costs in comparison with one training day with a real race car.

Motorsport simulator camp enhances the best practices and methods of economic competition based on daily / monthly / seasonal basis. Its free of restriction depending on season, weather conditions, climate, circuit test restriction or travel and logistic costs.

Adaptation of new pilots to the team saves not only the equipment, but it also leads to improving communication between pilot with team. Both are learning on the processes and errors without compromising real technique or persons in the team. All these processes will help to decide the owner and sponsors what direction they should go and what will be the best chance of upcoming tests and races.

Simulator can be used for training, as motivation or as a performance measuring tool for finding the best and fastest driver, which also saves rapidly all the costs. At the end of these programs huge improvement is always visible on both sides - race driver and his supporting team, which successfully leads to ... victory.

Remote training program

For owners of our simulators we provide not just technical support via remote-access but also remote training program. Our race instructors can remotely create and define the racing circuit and car, set up voice communication, and connect virtually to our customer in few minutes.

Lesson thank takes a for of runs one against one, we also check drivers line from many points of view and perspectives live and after ending of session also from replay. We show you the best line, and we can arrange simulation of whole race weekend. Everything can be analyzed using telemetry data and all that from the comfort of your home or training center. Often several hundred kilometers from our instructor.

What to take with?

  • We recommend the driver to take all his racing equipment - racing suit, boots, gloves, helmet, towels and some spare shirts.
  • Minimum training time is 2 hours.
  • Trainings are running Monday till Sunday from 9:00 to 9:00 p.m.
  • For an additional fee we provide a personal trainer for testing and racing online.
  • Drinks, coffee and light refreshments provided (if it's full training day, lunch included).
  • Price will be determined according to individual customer orders.
  • Possibility of payment - cash or bank transfer (before training).