MS Exclusive


The ultimate racing simulator

MS Exclusive is the ultimate design in its industry and presents a perfect harmony between a high-end performance simulator and elegant craftsmanship- making it one of a kind. An experience inside fully immerses and connects you with the feel of being a real race car driver.

Hand-built from crafted stainless-steel, this model gives more flexibility on presentation and design, which is valuable to our customers. However, under the hood of this beauty, you’ll still find the chassis of the beast that’ll deliver the raw driver experience like no other simulator on the market.

X3 Xtreme simulator
MS Exclusive simulator


Hand-crafted Fully Enclosed stainless-steel construction

Steering Wheel

Direct drive base with complete set of Formula, GT and Rally rims


Fully adjustable stainless-steel Pedals Pro

Sequential Gear Shifter

Custom Built stainless-steel ball spring resistance Sequential Shifter system


Custom Built stainless-steel pressure sensitive handbrake


FIA Certified Evo 1 Carbon Seat with SPARCO six-point chassis-based harness

3DOF Motion System

Three 150mm actuators


Triple 55” professional Full HD or 4K Ultra HD LCD panels


High-end computer with nVidia RTX 3080

Fan System

Two speed controlled air fans


Premium THX 5.1 speakers

Do you prefer RAW design or are you looking for more opened version?

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