MS Premium


The most advanced racing simulator

MS Premium is the perfect system for regular use as a training platform for Formula, GT or Rally driving. Functional inside with its selection of high-end parformance parts, packed into a sleek frame, while still managing to convey a sense of elegance and design which is so important to our customers.The crafted stainless steel ensures maximum durability and guarantess smooth operation for many years to come. Hand built with a great focus on fucnstionality, without the need for any additional components that doesnt’t add to user’s experience. Also, an ideal solution for showrooms or public venues due to its ability to withstand many hours of consistent use.

MS Premium simulator
X2 Xperience simulator


Hand-crafted basic stainless-steel construction

Steering Wheel

Direct drive base with optional Formula, GT or Rally rims


Fully adjustable stainless-steel Pedals Pro

Sequential Gear Shifter

Custom Built stainless-steel ball spring resistance Sequential Shifter system


Custom Built stainless-steel pressure sensitive handbrake


FIA Certified Evo 1 Carbon Seat with SPARCO six-point chassis-based harness

3DOF Motion System

Three 150mm actuators


Triple 55” professional Full HD or 4K Ultra HD LCD panels


High-end computer with nVidia RTX 3080

Fan System

Two speed controlled air fans


Premium THX 5.1 speakers

Do you prefer RAW design or are you looking for the ultimate xperience?

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